How to Build a WordPress Website in less than 6 minutes 2018

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EXACTLY How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Site That Gives You Fast Rankings With No Competition!

– This video will show you how you can build an Amazon affiliate site that gives you fast rankings with no competition.

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Django Tutorial // Build a Video Subscription Website

In this Django project we teach you how to build a basic video subscription website with Django and Stripe payments.

To see the code for this project go to links in this tutorial:

1. Project Setup (3:27)

2. Model Planning (6:12)

3. The Membership Models (15:01)

4. Stripe Plans (34:16)

5. The Course Models (38:02)

6. The Course Views (43:59)

7. The Course Detail View (49:56)

8. The Lesson View Part 1 (52:14)

9. The Lesson View Part 2 (1:02:45)

10. Bootstrap Setup (1:09:02)

11. Creating Smart Templates (1:10:28)

12. The Membership Select View Part 1 (1:14:48)

13. The Membership Select View Part 2 (1:19:16)

14. The Membership Select View Part 3 (1:26:08)

15. The Membership Select View Part 4 (1:32:02)

16. The Payment View Part 1 (1:43:21)

17. The Payment View Part 2 (1:47:58)

18. The Payment View Part 3 (1:50:09)

19. Stripe Docs (1:55:21)

20. Handling Stripe Payments (1:59:59)

21. The Update Transaction View (2:04:10)

22. The Profile View (2:11:34)

23. The Subscription Model Methods (2:18:06)

24. The Membership Cancel View (2:22:10)

25. Improving the project UI (2:27:34)

26. Final Test and Thank You (2:33:58)

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Build Your Own Website In Less Than 90 Seconds

It really is possible, check out this video proof. Join us for free and try it out. Build your own website in 90 seconds or less

How to build a free WordPress website

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Build a Crypto Currency News Site With Python and Django : Introduction

a Crypto Currency News Site With Python and Django

Pull Crypto News From An API and Build A Website With Django and Python!

Don Wibier – Should I build my next enterprise ready web-app with .NET Core?

Don Wibier, technical evangelist at DevExpress (Netherlands), is telling:

– How to start a new cross-platform project through the .NET CLI?

– How to implement features that come with the .NET Core package?

– Dependency Injection, Model View Controller and Object Relational Mapping?

– Think of security: external and 2-step verification

– Debugging and huge ecosystem in no time


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